Your Credentials are Showing..

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Credentials are highly sought after data, only second to financial account information.  Read the Verizon DBIR –  It’s in there somewhere.. Everyone is a target. You might not be the real target, but who are your customers? Hackers == Slimy Used Car Salesmen: They’re all looking for the easiest way to a buck and you, Mr Customer, could very easily be an unwilling participant for either of those people.  Looking at the hacker use case, your credentials can be monetized either directly or indirectly, depending on the account. SSL/TLS is really great, but isn’t […]

Creating a Threat Feed with Splunk

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I operate (loosely) a couple of small websites.  None of them make any money but all of them seem to get attacked on fairly regular basis.  Of course, I keep track of the attacks in Splunk so I can make pretty graphs and such but I’ve not been using the data to it’s fullest potential.  This is something I’ve been meaning to build for a while, but have just recently gotten around to doing..  With that, I introduce the Spork Threat Feed.  *applause* The world really needs another threat feed? […]

Getting an A+ on SSL Labs with F5 and StartSSL

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So you have some free certificates from for your F5 BIG-IP lab and want to get an A+ with SSL Labs?  Don’t be scared.  It’s actually pretty easy.  I’m working under the assumption that you already have a Client SSL Profile built and working.  If not, go back to the google and dig that up.  Having just gone through this, I ran into a couple of small but annoying problems. Problem 1:  The intermediate certificates are signed with SHA1.  Terrible.  This will cap you at an A.  I know, […]