Brad Stories

Brad Fights a Spider

Long ago, there was a small village located deep in a jungle somewhere just inside the border of what would now be known as Honduras.  The inhabitants were a primitive sort.  They enjoyed simple pleasures of life such as eating sugar sticks, throwing rocks in the air, or hitting a sibling for no reason other than to evoke some type of harsh response.  In this village, there was a man who was kind of special.  He was extraordinarily friendly to all of the inhabitants of the village. He was particularly generous with his punch and pie, which was considered by many to be the most valuable item produced within the small community.  All of the villagers loved him.  Given that this story in the “Brad Stories” category, you might be tempted to think it was Brad.

You would be wrong.

Wait.. what happened with the spider, you say?  Brad stepped on one.  It seemed like an accident, but I’m not entirely sure.