Brad Stories

Brad Breaks a Bathroom


In the bathroom, a contractor breaks through the tile and walls with a small sledgehammer.  Directly above the bathroom is a sleeping baby and a tired mom.  Brad, our hero, is downstairs on the couch sporting a cozy set of flannel pajamas, some pink moccasin slippers and fresh cup of hot coffee.  As he sinks into the couch and begins to read the first of many articles on his list for the day, it starts again..


A new sound infiltrates the basement.  *BZZ*  *BZZ*  *BZZ*  Brad swiftly reaches for his phone and deftly attacks the touch screen.  It’s his wife.  “Make it stop..”

“So much for coffee..”, Brad mutters to himself.  Mustering all his courage and strength, he pulls himself from the couch and stumbles up the stairs to see if there is anyway the demolition can be done a little more quietly.  After a long and heated debate, it turns out that demolition cannot be done more quietly.

No one is happy except the contractor with the hammer.  That’s only because he’s hidden a dead mouse behind the wall as payback for Brad asking him to do the impossible.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the writing of this article.  The dead mouse is completely unrelated to me writing.